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What is Moulded Fibre?

Moulded fibre, also known as moulded pulp or moulded paper, is a type of packaging material made from recycled paper products such as newsprint, cardboard, and pulp.

The wet moulding process used to create moulded fibre packaging involves soaking recycled paper products in water until they are soft and pliable. The softened paper is then placed into a mould that is shaped to the desired form of the packaging. The mould is then compressed, which removes any excess water and compresses the fibres into the desired shape.

The wet moulding process is a highly efficient method of production that requires less energy and resources compared to other methods of creating packaging materials. This makes moulded fibre a more sustainable choice in terms of production, as it has a lower environmental impact. The use of recycled paper products also reduces the amount of waste generated and decreases the need for virgin materials.

There are several benefits to using moulded fibre for packaging.

  • Firstly, it is a renewable resource, as it is made from recycled cardboard products. This means that it has a lower environmental impact compared to non-renewable materials such as plastic. Moulded fibre is also biodegradable, meaning that it breaks down naturally in the environment and does not contribute to pollution or waste.
  • Secondly, moulded fibre is a lightweight and strong material. It can provide effective protection for the products it is packaging without adding excess weight, which can save on shipping costs. Moulded fibre is also able to withstand rough handling, making it suitable for use in the transportation and distribution of products.
  • Thirdly, moulded fibre is a versatile material that can be customised to fit a wide range of products. It can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it suitable for use in packaging a wide range of items such as electronics, cosmetics, and food products. Moulded fibre can also be printed on, allowing for branding and other design elements to be incorporated into the packaging.

There are several types of moulded fibre packaging, each with its own unique characteristics and applications.

Trays and clamshells are popular choices for packaging small items such as electronics and cosmetics. These types of packaging are strong and able to protect the product during transportation. Egg cartons, fruit trays, and other types of food packaging are also commonly made from moulded fibre, as it can protect the food and keep it fresh.

Another type of moulded fibre packaging is the pulp mould. Pulp moulds are used to create more complex shapes and structures, such as packaging for toys and other products with intricate designs. The pulp moulding process involves creating a 3D model of the desired shape and then using a machine to form the paper pulp into that shape. The pulp is then dried and finished to create the final product.

Moulded fibre has also found applications in other industries beyond packaging. It has been used to create a variety of products such as biodegradable cutlery, plant pots, and disposable cups. Moulded fibre is a sustainable alternative to plastic and other non-renewable materials, making it an attractive choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

In summary

Moulded fibre is a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials. It is made from recycled cardboard products and is biodegradable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. Moulded fibre is also a lightweight and strong material that can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes, making it suitable for use in packaging a wide range of products. Its versatility and customisation options make it a popular choice in many industries, including packaging, food and beverage, and even the medical field.

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